Getting there, one step at the time.

Recently I bought myself a new phone, namely the LG Flagship “LG G2”. However, this is not what this post will be about.

One of the main reason I bought this new phone, was so I could use my previous phone, a Huawei G510-0100 to mess around and experiment with.

Because after viewing a couple of “X reasons to root your Android device”, my curiosity was tickled. As I’m currently in the process of learning some Android development as well, I felt the time was right to start messing with my old phone to start exploring the world of Android and mobile devices a bit deeper.

The first step you have to take before you can truely start to enjoy the wonders of the Android world are rooting your  Android device. In my case I had some troubles to unlock the bootloader of my device – maybe I will write a post about this later on.  A quick google search however can show you multiple guides on unlocking your bootloader & rooting your device, so I will digress no further about this topic in this post. (if there are people still struggling with rooting there device, feel free to comment and I might also make a post about this in the future).

With my device rooted, I was ready to start the fun. At first everything went great, however I still had no idea of what some of the apps I was messing around with were actually doing, however after a while, I even managed to flash my first custom on my device. The ROM i choose was a version of the Cyanogen mod 11 which featured the new KitKat Build.

So far everything went OK and I was having fun trying out some different ROM’s until, of course the inevitable finally happened. Somehow I uploaded a bad ROM, maybe it was corrupted, maybe it just wasn’t compatible with my device. But when I finally tried to turn on my device it turns out I finally managed to brick it. Nothing was happening and the phone was stuck at the Huawei logo in what appeared to be a boot loop….

Meanwhile I have solved this issue and managed to return my device to it’s original state. In the end doing this is piece of cake. Because I found it difficult to find a clear explanation of how to do it (and because chances are I will have to do this again in the near future), I decided to write about this.

To be continued…


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