Personalizing my Android homescreen

Because I want my LG G2 phone to stand out from the rest, I decided to look for an easy way to customize the look and feel of the device.

However my standard LG Home launcher already supports some extra themes and icon modifications, I decided to play around a little with some other third party launchers and widgets to get that extra bit of flexibility.

Also note that the customization described in this post do NOT require root access and the screenshots taken below are taken from a unrooted phone.

There exist a lot of Android Launchers out there, some launchers can make your phone look like an iPhone or Windows 8 device (Launcher 8 eg.), while others just mimic the stock Android experience. Some of the most known standard launchers include Nova, Apex, Holo, Go, …

Besided launchers, there also exist icon packs that can put an extra theme on your launcher, providing a new background, fond and even custom icon for all of your applications.

Me, the first one I tried out was the Holo Launcher HD. Mainly because it is one of the lightest launchers and as far as I knew provided the same functionality as many of the others.

Next, I looked for an icon pack to try out and sumbled upon this facy one: The Glo icon pack.

2014-02-21-15-11-19 2014-02-21-15-10-53

I found this pack very keen looking, however the status bar on top of my home screen looked like it didn’t fit into the rest of the screen.

That’s why after some more nosing around on the web, I decided to try out yet another look.

For this one I installed Apex Launcher (to check out the differences between Apex & Holo + on Holo Launcher I found it difficult to figure out how to change individual icons)  combined with the Stark Icon pack . This turned out pretty good as well and provided my phone with minimalist yet tight design as you can see in the screenshot below:


(For the clock widget, I used Bobclock)

Yesterday I was using the Glo Theme, today I’m using Stark an who knows what I’ll be using next week, this is what I like so much about Android. The flexibility.

To find out what works best for you, I suggest you take a look on the web, there exist already a lot of articles and post about what are the top launchers, icon packs or widgets at the moment. Customizing your Android homescreen is a very vivid topic among many Android users and even one of the main reasons for many to choose Android over iOS or Windows.

As a sidenote specific to my LG G2 I’d like to add the following remarks.

First of all, the Knock-on feature allows you to enable or disable the screen by double tapping on a free space. Installing a custom launcher limits the feature to turn off the screen to double tapping the status bar on top of the screen. Double tapping a random empty space on the screen will no longer turn off the screen.

Second, the LG G2 Lock screen does not fit into the rest of the design, so I might have to look for another custom lock screen in the future.

Have fun!

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