Reviving an old friend


Since I recently started to interest myself into rooting and flashing Android devices, I decided to take a look at an old tablet I bought two years ago when on a trip to China.

The device I’m talking about is called the “Gemei G9”.

Gemei G9

Nevertheless the decent spec’s it had back then, compared to modern devices you can feel it’s a bit dated. On top of that, with this tablet I was experiencing not only a lot of lag in various third party applications, but even regular system apps like the Gallery or file browser were crashing at the most inappropriate times, making using the device more of a nuisance then a means of entertainment.

That’s why, after successfully flashing my Huawei G510, I decided it was time to continue on this trail and give my Gemei G9 a facelift.

As it turned out, this was easier said then done. Since the device is originating from early 2012, all information I could find on the topic of rooting and flashing was a bit outdated, almost every link to a script or image lead me to a 404 or other error. On top of that were the rooting processed described way different than the fastboot, clockwork or TWRP tools I used on my old cell phone. And as I was not quite ready to take some source code and compile it into my own ROM, I knew this was going to take more time then expected.

After hours of searching the internet and trying different links, in the end I managed to find all the required images & files. However they came from different sites, posts & users… So it was far from certain the files would compatible and work.

Notwithstanding the risks of bricking my devices, I decided to continue anyway and giving the procedure found on this forum post a shot: (A big shoutout to Supy73, Mr.Tasselhof and Sausage for creating all the scrips, guides and tutorials).

And after an exciting periode of flashing the image with Lifesuit and running various scripts without knowing exaclty what they were doing to my tablet, the moment was there to turn it back on!


It worked :D. And I must say al the risks and time spend really payed of. The device did not only become more stable, it also gained in the performance departement. (Maybe the overclocking had something to do with this.)

The device was flashed with Android 4.0.3 (ICS) PLOYER-MOMO ROM+ sausagemod V4.091.0 (whatever that does)

Naturally, the first thing I did with the device was to equip it with a custom look (using Apex Launcher and the Stark theme that’s also present on my main device => mor on that in THIS post). And the result was fancy as sh*t!

Now it’s time for me to finish this post, as I’m about to see a movie on my brand new Gemei G9.

2014-02-24 21.29.59

Cya next update!

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