Customize everything: Android Boot Splash Screen

For tonights project, I’ve descided to try a customization that, on first sight, doesn’t seem that evident. I want to try and customize my Android boot screen.

For those still wondering, the Android boot screen is that first screen that you see when starting your device.

There are a lot of guides about doing this already floating the internet. Since I don’t want to reinvent the wheel I’m not going to bother you with all the details just provide you with a general image of how I did it.

First of all, there are multiple ways of doing this. Most require root access to your phone, but appereantly there is also a way of doing this without. The easiest way is to download an application that simply handles the transaction for you, or to find a bootanimation image to flash on your device the same way you would flash a custom ROM.

Me however, I choose to do it manually on my rooted Gemei G9 Tablet. (This requires root). First I found myself a good boot animation, there are a lot of animations floating around on the internet, already formatted to a compatible size and format.

Next up, I put this .zip file on my device and used it to replace the existing located in system/media (note that on some other devices the location of this file may be different, for instance /system/customize/resource/ is also a common location)

If you don’t have root access, but you phone allows you to browse to this folder: /data/local, then you can also put the bootanimation here. (A hard reset however, will remove this).

The next step is just to turn off your device, start it again and enjoy the show!

For my first tryout, I decided to go with an oldskool DOS-computer like boot-up animation as you can see in the image below.


How little of a change, I found this customization to be extremely satisfying to the level that I might root my new LG phone, just to do this.

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