Waiting for KitKat… False alarm :(

So I’ve been reading some articles about the newest Android version KitKat & it’s effect on the LG G2 Phone.

Based on these articles & reviews of the people that already got it, results will be promising. I’ve listed some of the features I read about here:

  • More response
  • Better colores
  • 17% (!) better performance
  • better battery peformance
  • ….

The update has been available in Korea for a about a month now  and last weeks the update has already been rolling out in the USA for some of the providers.

The internet is speculating about when the update will finally be here and I’ve been checking for it daily, however without success.

Today I came across this article:



when I read this, my heart skipped a beat. Without bothering going to the comment section i descided to try this out. I installed the LG Mobile update suite etc

But alas, when I finally connected my device i only got the message that my device is already running the most recent version of Android….

Going to the comment section of the article, I read that I wasn’t the only one being disappointing and that the author should really check his sources before posting something like this… Couldn’t agree more…

Back to square one, let’s continue the waiting game!

I’ve decided to wait before flashing a custom ROM on my device, since the update will be here anyway in a week or so. Would you consider flashing a ROM, just to get the update a few days faster?

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