Omg! Kitkat + Root (D802)

After weeks of waiting for Kitkat on my LG G2 G802, I decided that I could wait no longer.

Before doing this, I backed up my messages inbox & made sure all my contacts were synced to my Gmail account (not losing all my contacts again 😉 ). For this I used an application called “SMS Backup +” together with AppOps X, witch allows for the permissions for the application to restore all messages on Kitkat.

So… I decided to Root & flash my band new phone! And to be honest, it went great! There was only one moment during the whole process where I thought that I bricked it^^ (more about this below)

Woop Woop KitKat!

At the moment I haven’t come across a way of rooting your device once you acquire the Android 4.4.2 update. So if you want root & KitKat, I’d suggest following a guide that suggests rooting & flashing TWRP and then upgrade to KitKat with the OEM based 4.4.2 ROM.

If you already upgraded to KitKat, don’t panic, there are ways to downgrade (or you can be patient and way for a way to root to be found).

Guides to do all this (including the ones I followed) can be found on the website of droidviews.

  • Root LGG2 + Install TWRP (for 4.2.2 – all versions)

  • and next, Get Android 4.4.2 KitKat + TWRP

Following this second tutorial, I made a mistake. If you decide to follow the tutorial or already made a mistake, the following info might be usefull:

After you Flash the ROM file, please DON’T be hasty and press SYSTEM REBOOT!

This will get you stuck in a bootloop where adb cannot find you 🙂

To fix this I found the following solution on xda developers forum (fix below quoted from “chronicfathead”):

1. Hold down Power and Volume Down buttons till it reboots.
2. At the LG logo, let go of the buttons, then quickly press and hold the POWER button until the Factory Reset page appears.
3. Press the Power button and you should be taken into TWRP.

(Now you also know how to boot recovery after getting stuck in bootloop – might be usefull someday)

  • If you already upgraded to Kitkat & want root today, I suggest you follow another guide of Rakesh at Droidviews and restore to stock 4.2.2

At first glance, everything works great! Finally the status bar has lost its horrid blue color & it feels as if the device got even faster & more sensitive to the touch.


To conclude this update of what I’ve been up to I’d like to thank Rakesh and the guys at Droidviews & ofcourse all other enthousiast contributors on this subject (looking at the xda forum) for making this all possible.

Since the Rom i flashed is OEM Based, I can still enjoy my knock on, TV Remote and other LG Applications some consider redundant bloatware.

I’m off setting up my homescreen again (one thing I didn’t backup) and look for something new to tryout during the next days! (I read the xposed framework is worth checking out)

C u soon!

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5 comments on “Omg! Kitkat + Root (D802)
  1. Karan Soni says:

    There is no way to downgrade to 4.2.2 for LG G2…There are various websites including this pointing to the same storagecow site for downloads and there are no files over there or anywhere on the internet for jellybean 4.2.2 stock for D802.Can somebody help me out ?

    • rwil2012 says:

      Hi Karan,
      Sorry to hear about your problems, after taking a first look at the article it seems like the stock ROMs have indeed been updated to Kitkat stock ROMs. It strange that the JB images seems to have vanished…

      Why do you want to downgrade? Maybe you can try finding a custom ROM running 4.2.2? Or search some more on the internet for the official factory images, it’s weird they seem to be hidden quite well, but I’m sure they must be available somewhere…

      EDIT: I found some links here: and here , however they do not display the version … (the data of the pages is september/november 2013, i think this is from before the KK update?)

      • Karan Soni says:

        I want to downgrade because there is an audio issue,hissing sound in the kitkat 4.4.2 which was not there in the jellybean.I tried various fixes for that but was only able to partially fix the problem..hissing was still there…and i want a stock rom because then it will be easy to upgrade to future updates of android OTA….anyways…Thanks for your reply 🙂

  2. jtxmisc says:

    info yang sangat menarik, sepertinya harus dicoba 🙂 , Aerilyn

    • rwil2012 says:

      Good luck!

      Please keep in mind that the information in this post might be outdated by now.
      (Kitkat got released a while ago, I think Lollipop might even be out.)
      For the latest ways of flashing/rooting your device I suggest checking out xda forums aswell 😉

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