Develop without wearing out your battery life – ADB over wireless

A common complaint among me and some developer friends (looking at you Pieterjan)  is that, using your device for developing and having it connected to the computer all the time, can greatly wear out the life of your battery.

Today I came across an application named “Adb Wireless”. As the name suggests, it can allow you to connect your device to your computer without using a physical link.

There are several application on the app store with similar names that can provide this functionality for you. Most of them require Root access, however some claim not to need root access.

Me, I picked this one ( wich looks like it’s been produced by a Chinese developer :p.

So far this application works nice and pretty straight forward. Before trying this, make sure you have connected your device to the pc at least once before and added it to the list of trusted devices (Connecting over wifi won’t trigger this popup, if the device is not trusted it will list as unauthorized in adb)

Make sure you mobile device and computer are connected to the same network, next startup the application and specify a port number between 5555 and 9999.


Now open command prompt on your computer (FYI I’m using windows) browse to your ADB location and issue the following command

adb connect “ip”:”port”


and that’s it!

You can issue your adb commands on you phone over wifi! Also launching an application straight from eclipse is possible now. As you can see illustrated below, where I’m installing a testapplication named “codescanner” directly over wireless.

adb wireless launchThis application really works good for me and I’m sure I will use it a lot in the future. This application can also come in handy when you want to try something out without having a micro usb cable available.

Have fun!

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