Fun with IPEGA Bluetooth Gamepad

Since it’s been over two weeks, I figured it is time for another post about what cool stuff I’ve been up to.

It’s been very buzzy lately, looking for a new place to live, work and of course the nice weather that makes it so compelling to go out and have a drink.

However, about a week ago something cool happened! My IPEGA PG-9017 controller (finaly !!) arrived, after about two months of waiting. (Thank you, DealExtreme!) But for the price and free shipping costs, I cannot complain.

I also suspect the border control to have played around a little with the controller themselves too, since the package had been opened and the battery charged 😉

Ipega Game controller

While reading reviews about the controller online, I heard people had some troubles setting up the connection and configuring the device. Some advised installing some controller applications from different brands (Gametel) because the software from the company itself is mostly Chinese.

Me, I had no troubles connection my Ipega controller to my LG G2 running Android 4.4.2.

To set up a connection, I simply turned on my Bluetooth, putting the controller in it’s connection mode (Holding A + pressing home or holding X + Pressing home depending on weather you want to connect in joy pad mode or icade mode) without any extra software the device is recognized as new method of input.

For now, I only tested it on Android using SuperN64 Emulator with Mario 64 and after mapping the keys to the correct buttons it works like a charm! (16 stars so far)

I payed around €16 for the controller on deal extreme and wasn’t disappointed. However the controller isn’t perfect eather, the pad feels a bit a small in my adult size hands and the joysticks somewhat clumsy. Ideally the telescopic holder would be adjustable in angle too (like a gameboy advance sp) but mechanically this wouldn’t be an obvious construction.

So far I’m very pleased with the controller and nevertheless the big dimensions of the LGG2, it fits without overstretching the holder. If you’re looking for a cheap gamepad for Android (and don’t mind waiting a while for it to arrive), I can honestly recommend this IPEGA controller.

In the future I will try to hook this up to an iPad to see if it works as smooth with iOS;)

PS: for those interested, I found mine here:

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