LG Knock Off in Apex [Root]

After a few months of using the LG G2 phone, I can honestly tell you that the feature that has been the most useful to me is probably the “Knock Knock” functionality.

This feature allows you to lock  your phone, simply by double tapping an empty spot on your home screen or in the status bar.  The same goes for unlocking: to enable your device, you no longer have to search for the power button, but a simple “knock knock” on the screen will do.

When using a launcher different from LG’s Home launcher, you will notice that  the Knock-off is no longer fully supported on the home screen. The knock off functionality will only work when pressing the status bar, double tapping an empty spot on the home screen will have no effect.

Luckily, in Android there is a fix for everything!

And in this particular case, the Apex launcher offers a free solution. (The free version of Apex supports gestures, there might be other launchers that have gesture support, Nova only has this feature available in its paid version)

To set up Knock-off in Apex you will need the following (tested on LG G2 Phone running Android 4.4.2 KitKat)

  • Root acces
  • Xposed Framework
  • Gravetiybox [KK] Xposed Module
  • Apex (or another gesture supporting launcher)

The following instructions were partially taken from this guide of dallasthomas at wonderhowto.com on setting up the knock knock features on the Nexus 5. For detailed screenshots of all steps, be sure to checkout his guide.  To setup knock of on Apex, we go a boiled down version of steps 1 to 4.

Step 1: Install Gravity Box

First of all make sure you have the Xposed framework installed (for more information on this, check out on of my previous posts about customization with the Xposed framework)

From the Xposed Installer app, head into the Downloads section and search “GravityBox [KK]“.

Step 2: Configuring GravityBox

From the main page of GravityBox, tap Lockscreen tweaks. Find the option titled Enable double-tap to sleep and tick the box next to it. Hit the back button on your phone to head back to GravityBox’s main settings page.

Step 3: Install Apex Launcher

As mentioned before, this feature is available on several different launcher, in this post we will do this on Apex since Apex offers this for free. So head on over to the Google Play store and install the home screen replacement app.

Set Apex as your default launcher and head over to the next step.

Step 4: Configure Apex Settings

From the home screen, double-tap any empty space to bring up the Apex Menu, then tap Apex settings. Now head into Behavior settings on the next screen. Scroll down a bit to the gesture settings and hit Desktop double tap. Select Launch shortcut from the next list.

On the next screen, select GravityBox Actions, then scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap Go to sleep.

Since we’ve now overtaken the gesture that normally takes you into Apex settings with our ‘Go to sleep’ function, we’ll have to add a new way to access this menu in case we need to in the future. Tap Desktop long press, then select Show Apex menu. This will allow you to get back into these settings by long-pressing any open space on your home screen.

Step 5: Knock off!

And thats it! Now you should be able to put your device into sleep once more, but without using the LG standard Home launcher!

Have fun setting up your new Apex Home screen with Knock-off support!

At the moment my screen looks like this (using Flatro icon pack and the onca Clock Widget)

2014-04-20 18_29

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