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Update TWRP and Sideload Pardus ROM on LG G2 (D802)

Last week I decided to try flashing a new custom ROM to my LG G2 (D802) Phone. In this post I will describe how I did this. Remember that doing these things to your phone might brick it if you

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Personal Home screen gallery

This post consists of a Gallery of some of the Home screens I had. Feel free to use them for your inspiration. I will try to keep this post updated, as I change homescreens from time to time 01/2014 –

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Flashing Chinese TP-Link WR702N with English Firmware

Last post, I tried to gain access to my Traditional Chinese TP-LINK WR702N. This post, I bring more good news, as I managed to successfully flash it with English firmware! When I asked a friend with the same router (@JonasGeuens)

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Accessing Chinese TP-LINK WR702N

To understand and break wireless networks, I want a router to set up a test network. Luckily, last year I went on a trip to China and there I bought a little Wireless Router  (not all hotels had wireless connections).

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A New Category is born… Linux & Network Security!

During my exploration of Android and other mobile experiences, I already learned a lot of new things about technology, programming, user experiences, network & security and so on. The part where I explored some network and security exploits by using

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