A New Category is born… Linux & Network Security!

During my exploration of Android and other mobile experiences, I already learned a lot of new things about technology, programming, user experiences, network & security and so on.

The part where I explored some network and security exploits by using apps like dsploit or WiFiKill really surprised me. Just by installing an application, I was able to mess with my whole Wifi network, playing various pranks on my friends.

The thing that shocked me most and tickled my curiosity was how easy it was to mess with the network. It was scary to see what I could accomplish in a few days.

So when a good friend of mine told me about Kali Linux, a Linux distribution made for security testing with most tools already installed. I was sold! Next to following trends and cool things in the mobile world I will occasionally post a few things about problems and achievements I encounter on my Linux Machine.


This thread will not be a step by step guide to Linux,  hacking or exploiting networks, there already exists enough documentation for that. I will use this thread as my own documentation for personal future reference and hopefully some other people may benefit from it too 🙂

My own knowledge of these topics is at the moment pretty basic and limits itself to a course on data-communication and networks I took in my education long ago.

PS: Note that breaking in other networks without permission is illegal, only test the security of your own network with some of the things you might read on this blog.

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