Accessing Chinese TP-LINK WR702N

To understand and break wireless networks, I want a router to set up a test network. Luckily, last year I went on a trip to China and there I bought a little Wireless Router  (not all hotels had wireless connections).

I’m talking  about a small TP-Link TL-WR702 Router, which is a really small device with only one Ethernet cable port available and a small micro usb interface for power.

After my trip I kinda lost sight of the little device, until now when I figured I’d put it in use again.

But there was one little problem… I’d forgot the password I used for securing it! Since I still lack the needed skills to hack into wireless networks, I had to find a legit way of recovering my password.

I remembered that last time I managed to set up the device, I connected it to my computer trough an Ethernet cable and connected trough a (not so obvious) gateway ip-address. If I could only remember the numbers….

A quick search on the internet told me that the standard Gateway from the Chinese router differs from the standard Gateway IP used in the English firmware.Nevertheless, trying to access either one of the ip-addresses I found just returned errors… The router was not found! So I continued my search on the internet and discovered the following:

I found here that it was necessary  to set you PC to a fixed IP address of, Subnet Mask of and Gateway to for the English firmware. (To do this, go to the ipv4 setting of your Wired LAN connection & set the IP of your device to the fixed numbers above). For the Chinese version I have, these numbers are

  • Ip:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway:

Tried this but no luck, still wasn’t able to ping the device.

Luckily, my next attempt was more successful!

In this winning attempt, I only filled in the fixed IP and Subnet Mask, but not the gateway as described on the official site of TP-Link . Only this time, I used the chinese numbers for the setup. (FYI, did this in Windows)

Next, try connecting to the router by entering the Gateway Ip in your browser and normally now they will ask for credentials. Standard these credentials are username ‘admin‘ and password ‘admin‘.

This brings up the routers homepage, in Chinese...

To set up the device, I suggest to take a look at the English manual and compare the different sceenshots to the Chinese screen you get 🙂

If you are looking to buy the same router, they are available for cheap on DealExtreme

A next step could be to look for working English firmware, however a first quick look on Google was not very promising (not enough memory to support Tomato and no official english software that’s compatible. )

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