Flashing Chinese TP-Link WR702N with English Firmware

Last post, I tried to gain access to my Traditional Chinese TP-LINK WR702N. This post, I bring more good news, as I managed to successfully flash it with English firmware!

When I asked a friend with the same router (@JonasGeuens) if he already succeeded to flash the device with English firmware, he managed to point me in the right direction.

All credit goes to the guys on the openwrt forum: lofranks, jvvh5897, Ccowap and all others who worked on the solution and motojapi for writing down an easy to follow step by step guide to how to do this yourself. A link to the original discussion can be found at the bottom of this article. 

1. Download the “fixed” English hardware fromhttp://www.mediafire.com/download/za7z3b2793aik82/wr702nv1-en-up.bin
2. Download suitable tftp server. I used the 64-bit version of tftpd fromhttp://tftpd32.jounin.net/
3. Temporarily turn off your firewall if you are using ZoneAlarm (don’t know about other firewalls). If you don’t do this you will get 1800X error from the WT702n 🙂
4. Turn off wireless on your computer and connect with cable to the WR702n. After a while you should be setup with IP address and netmask. If not you can setup these manually.
5. Start tftp server and set the base directory to be where the .bin-file downloaded in step 1 is. In tftpd you do this by clicking settings, then selecting TFTP-tab and browsing to the directory.
6. Point your web browser to, you get a login screen, type admin and hit enter
7. On the menu on the left side of the screen click on “系統工具” (System tool), then select “韌體升級” (Firmware Upgrade)
8. On the next screen you will have place for filename and tftp server address. Set filename to wr702nv1-en-up.bin (which you downloaded in step 1) and address to (which is the IP address assigned to your computer).
9. Below these are two boxes, click the one on the left (don’t have the Chinese characters as I’ve changed to English by now), then click OK.
10. There will be a counter as the file is loaded, you will also see progress in the tftpd main screen. If there is an error you will get a Chinese warning page with error code like 18000, 18001, 18005 etc. If you get this Google translator is your friend. On mine I got error code 18005 when trying to upgrade to incompatible English hardware and error 18000 before I stopped ZoneAlarm. 
11. Wait until the device reboots, then just to be safe another few minutes. If nothing happens I would play it safe and wait at least 15 minutes before trying a manual reboot.
12. Now the 702n IP address has changed, your computer should automatically get a new address is the 192.168.0.xxx range.
13. Turn on your firewall and point your browser to, you will get login screen, both username and password are admin.

Don’t forget to set the filename in step 8 (I made this error the first time) and enjoy your brand spankin’ new software!

To connect to the flashed router (step 12), I had to set my ip address manually (as described in my last post) to & subnet mask before connecting to via the browser.

For your convenience I added some screenshots below:

Tftpd64 – Make sure to point the directory to the location where your downloaded .bin file is





The result!

The result!

Download link


Full Discussion:



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6 comments on “Flashing Chinese TP-Link WR702N with English Firmware
  1. Great walk through, followed every step, Bingo. Got my English router back. Many thanks

  2. Great walk through. Followed step by step, and first time, Bingo. Working great in English. Many Thanks

  3. Marko Hautala says:

    Perfect, just what I was looking for. Why is the login page in http and not encrypted with https?.Love these units…otherwise

  4. AdoboKing says:

    Thank you for this, took me some time to get the right firmware for mine. None of the f/w that I downloaded from their website worked, had to load this one first. There’s just some kind of glitch though when I set it up as a repeater. The QuickSetup>RepeaterMode doesn’t work as it supposed to. I had to set it to QuickSetup>BridgeMode to set itself to Repeater Mode. or maybe I just have a lemon item. Nonetheless, I’m using it as I need it to be.

  5. Martin says:

    Your FW was corected. Tanks a lot!!!!

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