ADB Sideload: Failed to write data, protocol fault!

A few weeks ago I tried flashing my LG G2 D802 with Cyanogenmod 11.

After completely wiping my device, I tried uploading the new ROM using ADB Sideload. (for more info see, previous post on Update TWRP & Sideload a ROM)

However, after putting in the commands in my terminal, I came across the following error:

Failed to write data, protocol fault!

Oh noes! What now?

Good news, there is no need to panic 😉 after exploring the xda forums some more, I came across the following solution here:

Rather then do “sideload”, I just stayed in ‘Advanced’ and performed:

adb /kill-server
adb usb
adb push (romname) /sdcard

it successfully copied the rom to the sdcard folder, then I was able to install the rom just fine.


The forum suggests that, in stead of trying to upload the file with adb sideload, use a push command instead to put the files on your device.

Example where I'm pushing the Optimus ROM to my device

Example where I’m pushing the Optimus ROM to my device, this operation may take some time


After doing this, I rebooted in my TWRP Recovery and was able to flash the .zip I just pushed to my device.

PS: pushing the data to your device might take some time (up to 10 minutes in my case), don’t panic or pull out the usb cable while your adb is pushing without direct feedback 🙂

Phew! It worked!


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4 comments on “ADB Sideload: Failed to write data, protocol fault!
  1. hello!

    i came across and tried the same fix, but even with that method i still get the protocol fault. i’m using an lg g2 too. any ideas?

    • rwil2012 says:

      hmm, did you make sure you entered the /usb command first? sometimes this helps
      In my experience, so far I always managed to upload to the device, eather by sideloading or pushing.

      Edit: Any luck so far? Please let me know if you found a solution:), I’ll update this post 😉

  2. ASDF says:

    i dont have an sd cart so what should i do??

    • rwil2012 says:

      Follow the steps carefully, make sure not to forget any. With adb sideload or adb push you should be able tot get files on your phone after whiping it

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