Cloudyfa G3 Rom for LG G2 and G3 Tweaksbox

Recently the LG G3 got released and immediately got a lot of positive feedback and media attention.

Since my G2 is only a few months old (and don’t make enough money to buy a new phone every few months), buying a G3 is not really an option for me.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for the G3 software being ported to a ROM suitable for the G2.

Currently, there are 2 ROMs like this (that I know of)

So now I could see what the fuzz was all about 😉

Me, I tried out Cloudyfa’s ROM and it works really good on my D802 (still suffering the occasional reboot once every few days and it seems like the fb messenger is not that stable, but this might be because of the dirty flash I did to upgrade from v1.1 to 1.2)


Running CloudyfaG3

The G3 software is in someways very similar to stock G2, with a new feature here and there, and of course a new, very nice design.

The design even reminds me of the new Android L preview in some aspects, everything is a bit flattened out and the stock applications (messenger, calender, contacts, …) make the status bar the same color as their action bar.

Since I’m not happy before I can customize everything, it didn’t take long before I installed Xposed and looked for some nice modules to make a few extra tweaks.

Customizing with modules like Gravitybox, working great for AOSP-based projects can be a bit limited or tricky to use with heavy overlays like the one from LG or Samsung’s touchwiz.

That’s why a developer know as P_Toti came up with a module named G3 Tweaksbox (find the xda thread here). This module allows you to make a lot of extra customizations to the software.


G3 Tweaksbox

Not being sure weather it’d work on the ROM, I still tried giving it a try (after of course taking a full backup of my system) and it worked like a charm!

The free version of this module is rather limited, seeing the screenshots examples of what’s possible on google play, I descided to make the investment and buy the full version of this module.  Again, I wasn’t disapointed!

The application allowed me to

  • Change the colors of the notification panel (Icons, bars, carrier text, …)
  • Make the background of the notification panel transparent
  • Change carrier text
  • Change status bar icons
  • Make status bar copy the color of the actionbar of currently running application
  • Change navigation button icons
  • Add up to 7 buttons in the navigation bar
  • Add applications in the quick menu that you get when sliding up from the home button

These are a few of the many customizations that I was able to make with this application. There are a lot more tweaks in there, for instance to the stock launcher (I use Nova at the moment) and so on.

So for those wondering if the tweaksbox works on G3 ported ROMs, it did for me!  And for those wondering if it is worth buying the complete unlocked version of the application, I have no regrets! If this doesn’t convince you, take a look at the screenshots or on the example screen you see on Google play.


Extra power menu items


Colored status bar


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