OnePlus won’t charge after draining to 0%

Hi all, yesterday I ran into a curious problem with the OnePlus One phone.

After draining to 0%, I was unable to charge it again! If this happens you as well, there is no need to panic, apparently there are a lot of 1+ owners who run into this problem and like with most things, there is a fix.


  • At first, my phone got stuck in boot loop when I tried to charge it.
  • Trying to turn it on did not work (the phone produced a vibration, but no screen light)
  • When I plugged in, it can also produce the screen that’s visible in this image.

=> The battery was dead, but refused to charge!


Turns out the fix for this is quite easy as it does not require any technical skills, just a lot of patience as this problem (according to OnePlus) fixes itself after a certain amount of time. (source: reddit)

For me the scenario went as follows


Oh noes, bootloop when trying to charge! 😦


trying a lot things, booting in recovery, repeatedly plugging in & out, all without any luck or progress.

09h30 – 19h30:

Not touching the phone. For me this was the hardest part. During lunch I had a weak moment where tried to turn the phone on, with only a small vibration as result.  (I did not plug it in)


After waiting what seemed like an eternity, I plugged in the phone using it’s original charger. At first the Low Battery screen popped up for like 5-10 seconds before starting to charge again!! (similar as in this video)



To be sure, I let my phone charge some more before trying to turn it on.


Phone booted normally. More Hurray!


If you want to know more, there is also a thread on the OnePlus forums talking about this problem, this post includes the video previously mentioned with an example of this.

As far as I understood, this problem is not related the ROM you are running. (FYI: I was running Mahdi ROM at the time of the incident)

I assume this problem is caused by some sort of hardware protection mechanism for the Lithium Ion Battery that is build into the phone. (To low voltages might damage such a battery, that’s why the phone is prevented from booting). But of course I could be wrong.

If you ever run into this issue, I hope this post can help you in getting your phone back up and running (or at least reassures you that there is no need for panic).

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