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Update TWRP and Sideload Pardus ROM on LG G2 (D802)

Last week I decided to try flashing a new custom ROM to my LG G2 (D802) Phone. In this post I will describe how I did this. Remember that doing these things to your phone might brick it if you

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Flashing Huawei G510 With a custom ROM

As how I understand it at the moment, to easily flash your Android Device with custom ROM’s, It’s best for you to first flash it with a custom recovery. Before you can do this, you got to make sure that

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Unbricking my Huawei device

As mentioned in my previous post, nevertheless how easy restoring my Huawei G510 device to it’s stock state turned out to be, it still took a while before finding a decent explanation of how to do it.┬áIn this post, I

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Getting there, one step at the time.

Recently I bought myself a new phone, namely the LG Flagship “LG G2”. However, this is not what this post will be about. One of the main reason I bought this new phone, was so I could use my previous

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