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ADB Sideload: Failed to write data, protocol fault!

A few weeks ago I tried flashing my LG G2 D802 with Cyanogenmod 11. After completely wiping my device, I tried uploading the new ROM using ADB Sideload. (for more info see, previous post on Update TWRP & Sideload a

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Flashing Chinese TP-Link WR702N with English Firmware

Last post, I tried to gain access to my Traditional Chinese TP-LINK WR702N. This post, I bring more good news, as I managed to successfully flash it with English firmware! When I asked a friend with the same router (@JonasGeuens)

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Omg! Kitkat + Root (D802)

After weeks of waiting for Kitkat on my LG G2 G802, I decided that I could wait no longer. Before doing this, I backed up my messages inbox & made sure all my contacts were synced to my Gmail account

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Flashing Huawei G510 With a custom ROM

As how I understand it at the moment, to easily flash your Android Device with custom ROM’s, It’s best for you to first flash it with a custom recovery. Before you can do this, you got to make sure that

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